What is NUCCA?
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So, what is NUCCA?

NUCCA stands for: National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. It is an association which specializes in the realignment, of misaligned C1 or atlas vertebra in the spine. This "adjustment" of the C1 vertebra reduces unwanted pressure on the spinal column which leads to improved operation of the nervous system promoting healing.

What is "Adjustment"?

The word "adjustment" is a rather loosely used term in chiropractic today. It denotes the application of a force to a spinal bone (vertebra) to move it from one position to another. The intention of the adjuster in moving a vertebra is to correct the patient's sublaxation (a misaligned spinal bone causing harm to nervous structure). In order to do this, the adjuster must reduce the vertebra to or toward its normal position. (The term "manipulation" is frequently used for the same reason).

If spinal bones did not displace, there would be no reason to adjust them or to manipulate them; no objective would be gained in trying to reposition a vertebra that is in its proper location in the spine, causing no harm to nervous structure. When, however, a vertebra is displaced and is interfering with nervous structure, it should be restored to its normal position by an adjustment (correction). It should be re-set. Moving a displaced vertebra to another position that itself is not normal (as frequently occurs) is not an adjustment. The word "adjustment" means "to set right" and is, therefore, the preferred term in this office, because it accurately describes what we do here: re-set displaced vertebrae.

Why be Adjusted?

The practice conducted in this office is called Upper Cervical Technique. This means that the adjustment is given in the upper neck, applied to the first cervical bone called the atlas or C I (see Figure below).

The reason for correcting the atlas is that it affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) when it incorrectly aligned. Because all other nerve systems in the body join the central nervous system, an atlas sublaxation affects the entire body. As a result of an atlas sublaxation, the patient's entire spine and pelvis is distorted from its true axis by a slight contraction of the spinal muscles. This is because the atlas sublaxation interferes with the control to the muscles. A very precise adjustment is, therefore, necessary to correct an atlas sublaxation sufficiently to restore spinal balance and muscle control.


Here are a few interesting and useful to more information on NUCCA chiropracting:

Official NUCCA website - www.nucca.org

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Educating Your Chiropractor

CL Omholdt 

. . . My problem escalated after a car accident and I could not walk and was in constant pain, migraine type headaches. When I found out that NUCCA was mainly an upper cervical adjustment I "knew" that it would not work, as my pain was in my lower back with shooting pains down my legs.

It has been 15 years ago that I first saw a NUCCA doctor. I now lead an active life without pain, I often take long distance car trips (8 plus hours) and do so without pain. Before my NUCCA treatments I could not sit for more than 30 minutes without being in pain.

Dr. Stewart has been my doctor for the past 6 years. He is a wonderful caring doctor and takes great interest in his patients. He has a chart in his office that shows where his patients come from. Since there are about 80 of this type of Chiropractors in the world his patients come from great distances, including Southern California, Utah, Idaho and even Canada.

NUCCA has saved my life and given me what I thought I would never have. I am currently in my early 50's and as far back as my college days I can remember back pain which I learned to live with or I could have followed my medical doctors advice and had my back fused. Thank you Dr. Stewart.

Thomas Ryan

Dr. Stewart You are the greatest doctor. Thanks for your help and my new outlook on life from your adjustments and making me feel great again.

Kathryn Bowman

I can't begin to tell you how this has worked for me. Dr. Stewart is the first chiropractor who could fix my back pain so that it's gone completely! I've had lower and upper back problems for years, been to several chirporactors, and have always lived with a nagging back. But this marvelous way of treatment is easy to have done, and it works beyond wildest expectations! I'd recommend that everyone go to Dr. Stewart and his NUCCA method -- even if you don't think you need it. It feels so good to be in alignment.

"The power that made the body heals the body."