Dr. Stewarts Patients tell their Stories

This is the place to be for healing!!! When you enter the pleasant office it is like visiting your best friend. My initial visit with Dr. Stewart found him a fun person along with being professional as he explains what he will look for in your exam and how he will work to heal you. His procedures are thorough and gentle as he works only with his hands. I have been amazed at how just gentle pressing can take the pain away after my visits with several other chiropractors and experiencing their painful methods. I believe that us who come in with pain do not need to experience more pain in our treatments.
PCJHM – Lynnwood
Dr. Stewart Chiropractor treats scoliosis
When I was in high school my mother sent me to regular chiropractic appointments for my back. I did not understand what was so special about this type of doctor. Then after an auto accident where I herniated three disks in my neck I went to one again. Nothing helped. My primary care doctor (current) suggested I see Dr. Stewart and I am so glad I came in. He has really helped me with more than just my neck. I have arthritis beginning in my hip so he is taking care of that too. I don’t know what I would do without NUCCA care.
C P - Seattle
NUCCA is a wonderful gentle approach to cervical and spinal alignment. Dr. Stewart knows his stuff and is an excellent provider. I would highly recommend him and NUCCA.
Suzanne - Monroe
Dr. Stewart has magic hands. They keep my back healthy and strong! Since he has been treating me, I rarely have any of my old pain, when I do, it is gone as soon as Dr. Stewart treats me.
B S - Whidbey Island
NUCCA treatment is truly incredible. It is much less invasive, but the results are long lasting and very effective. Dr Stewart’s story is what really convinced me that it worked.
B M - Seattle
Dr. Stewart Chiropractor treats trauma
I have been on a two year journey of pain therapy, pills, depression, isolation and fear. I have been told I’ll never play golf or softball. My goal was to get off medications and just be able to walk without pain. I was in the process of setting up an appointment to have the nerve endings burned to end the pain and even this was a temporary fix because they will grow back. Then I would face another painful procedure.
My Doctor at the time was a physiatrist (pain doctor), who was going to do the injections, suggested I try Dr. Stewart. I called and got an appointment the same day and drove directly to his office only vaguely knowing where it was. I parked directly in front of his building and walked in to find that he was a preferred provided for my insurance. This was meant to be!!
I had been going to physical therapy for more than a year one to two times per week and also massage one to two times per week. I was told I would have to have surgery on my neck in the near future. I do not fault anyone but I will remain grateful to the Seattle Physiatry doctor for referring me to Dr. Stewart. Dr Stewart did more for me in 6 days than anyone had in two years. I sill have some pain when I over do things but compared to the everyday pain, traction and pills and exercises it is nothing.
I am still on the road to recovery but there is hope and I will be forever grateful. My energy level has increased, I can clean my house, I can walk and exercise. I just hope he doesn’t get to busy to see me for I have told everyone I know what a miracle he has been in my life.
Brenda - Seattle
I met Bryan Stewart about a year ago, when I was at my wits end with vertigo. I had never had vertigo, but I did suffer from scoliosis, which had been treated with traditional chiropractic care for over 20 years (I am 59 years old). Vertigo was a new twist on the old theme of neck issues, so I didn’t really believe the doctors that told me I had inner ear problems. Seeking my own solution, I googled “how to get rid of vertigo”, and up popped the word NUCCA. I read about it, and decided to give it a whirl, fearing only that I wouldn’t be able to find a NUCCA doctor near me. A few googles later, I found Dr. Bryan Stewart, only blocks from my house, right in my own backyard. He gave me a free assessment to see if he could help. In a matter of a few weeks, my vertigo was gone! Locally, some of us call him “the witch doctor” because we don’t completely understand how moving our skulls just a few degrees with only the touch of a finger, can make our symptoms disappear. But it does. Coming from the world of traditional chiropractic care, Bryan’s technique was a whole new realm – but it worked, and not just for vertigo. It helped greatly with my other spinal issues. Bryan is articulate, very thorough, compassionate, patient, and will make you laugh! He has all the gear to do X-rays and take special measurements right in his own office. His staff are easy-going, good people that really want to see you get better, and the office itself is warm and welcoming. There are doctors, and then there are good doctors, and I sincerely recommend Bryan as one of the best – highly skilled, and just a great person.
VW - Edmonds
I have been seeing Dr. Bryan Stewart for over two years for NUCCA care after a motor vehicle accident in 2006. I came in with such a bad back and neck pain and really needed relief from the constant muscle spasms, migraine headaches, and of course the cervical misalignment from the accident. NUCCA was a nice fit for my choice of care because after a traumatic accident such as mine, any other method would have thrown me back into muscle spasms and migraine by its harsh and forceful cracking of my spine. But not NUCCA with Dr. Stewart, his gentle technique would realign my upper vertebrae and that would adjust my spine naturally. Other chiropractors give you instant relief with a crack, but it is short lived and you are still out of alignment. If you really want to correct your spine go see Dr. Stewart, it is the best thing I did for my back and neck and the migraines.
Jen – Seattle
After being away from Washington for 1 ½+ years and my NUCCA chiropractor, I returned home with a very big kink in my upper back. Dr. Stewart adjusted me one time and the report was wonderful. He didn’t even need to take new X-Rays as he wanted to see if the old listings still worked and they did. Thank you Dr. Stewart.
DLA – Onalaska
Dr. Stewart Chiropractor treats headaches
I’ve gotten my youth back!! I’d given up on so many of my beloved outdoor activities because of knee problems. With surgery my only option I decided to give NUCCA a try. I’m running and haven’t run in six years. I’m walking up stairs pain free. Thank You! I’ve recommended Dr. Stewart to so many friends.
I have been to conventional chiropractors but have never experienced NUCCA treatments until now. I have felt better in many, many ways and the benefits last much longer than other treatments. It is a painless treatment and I look forward to each visit.
M R - Everett
I have been very pleased with the gentle adjustments Dr. Stewart has provided. I am challenged with migraines and a hip that feels frozen and unwilling to move freely. Dr Stewart has eliminated my symptoms and for that I am grateful.
P C - Whidbey Island

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